Monday, May 3, 2010

Hair Show

Today was the Peerless hairshow in Sandy. There was a Spanish stylist who talked more than he cut. He was a little tough to understand.
We saw this woman get a color makeover based on her face shape and skin tones. It was a good class.

I got new eyelashes and they put them on. That was great since I have the wispiest lashes known to women.

The new haircolor line from Scruples, Illusionist does great color over tint. For anyone not a stylist, that is truly amazing!

The cute British guy named Damen was fun, talented and a good teacher, yeah?

There were a lot of great colors and some very varied cuts, lots of asymmetrical.
I saw women I would never let touch my hair or even my hand. There are always extremes, frumpy, strange, extreme, classy and professional. Lots to see and lots to buy!

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